Forest Adventure YUNOYAMA

Mie prefecture's first Forest Adventure!
Enjoy the exhilaration of zip-slide together on our new double zip-slide.

Forest Adventure YUNOYAMA



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  • Free parking
  • Changing room
  • Smorking area
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Locker
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  • Electronic money
  • Pets allowed
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Park Info

Course summary Adventure Course/ 4site 42items
Course map Course map
Open date 16th March, 2019

Conditions & Cost

Adventure Couse: Continue Belaying System
  • Minimum height: 1.40m or over 10 years old / Maximum weight: 130kg
  • Junior high school student and under must be accompanied by supervising adult(+18).
  • One adult (18+) may supervise up to three children.
  • High school student can do the course unaccompanied. Adult must still supervise from the ground.



Adult and Children Indivisual : ¥3,600 /1per.
Group8 per.+ : ¥3,300 /1per.

*1 Group rate applies to bookings of 8 or more participants.
*2 Groups of 15 or more may reserve the course for their exclusive use. Prior booking is required, please contact us for details.




How long does the course take?
On average the Adventure course takes approx. 1.5 – 2.5 hours, and the Canopy course takes approx. 1 - 1.5 hours. This includes the time required for your safety briefing. Also, it all depends on how speedy you are, and how busy the course is.
I don't want to do the course, what can I do while I wait?
There are footpaths under the course, so you can watch your family and friends in the trees. Also, there are tables and benches where you can wait, and some play equipment for small children.
How do I find the park?
Be careful - there are not many signs to the park, and if you put our address into a GPS/sat-nav it leads to a large area, not to the park entrance. Please check our location on the park website before you come, and if you are having trouble finding us, feel free to call the park for directions!
Can I do the course all day? Is there a time limit?
You can only do the course once. But there is no time limit, and you can take breaks, so feel free to take your time! However, the park will close at sunset or for bad weather.
Are there any changing facilities?
Sorry, There are no changing facilities or lockers at this park.
Is there any play equipment for small children?
There is play equipment at this park, to entertain children who are too small for the course.
Is there a food stand?
You can only buy drink at this park.
Is there a shuttle bus to the park?
Sorry, There is no shuttle bus service to this park.
How dirty will I get?
When you are up in the trees, you won't get very dirty. But every course finishes with a zip-slide, landing in wood-chip, and when you land backwards you might get dirt on your back and legs. Make sure you wear clothing you don't mind getting dirty!
When is the busy season?
In Golden Week, and in August, the park is very crowded. During these periods the course will take longer to complete than usual, because of the large number of people. We highly recommend coming on a weekday during these busy seasons, if possible!
Where can I find more information about the park?
This website has the basic information, but if you want to know more detail Forest Adventure YUNOYAMA has a Facebook page and Twitter account.

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